Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween fun!

This is my entryway

I got these candles at a discount craft store last year for
1 dollar a piece. They light up and flicker so cute.
Of course my Scentsy warmer.
I made the furry pumpkin his names HARRY.

I bought the pumpkin wreath last year at Roberts and painted it.
The trick or treat I made on just some wood I had in the garage.
The candycorn frame I also made and you can see it HERE

Close up of my cute tree. I got it at Rodworks
last year. I also got the tall monster guy there and
the pumpkin.

This is my favorite!

Picked up the bowl at a garage sale. 1.00. I plan on putting candy in it.
I printed out the Posion on my computer and taped it to it

I printed the bird from here. I had
painted the skeleton a few years back
and he was all broken up so what better place than in a jar full
of bones. I need to get a cute label and stick on it. I printed
 the Book of Spell on my computer
 covered a book with some wrapping
and tada a Book of Spells!

I love love love Halloween! I couldn't wait to put up my decorations...My
table is def my favorite'of all my decorations! I have an orange tablecloth that
I am thinking of putting it on and then this on top? Well see. Here
it is with the tablecloth. I like it bettter.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's always a CIRCUS when Nanas around!

I was so excited to plan this party because it was for my sweet mom. It was a surprise so it made it really fun. It turned out so cute and I know how much it meant to my mom to have her family all here for her on her special day!
I decided to do a CIRCUS theme cause It's always a circus when Nana's around and because she loves to travel and have fun. The grandkids can pretty much do or eat anything they want. She's the best nana ever.

Piece of foam that I wrapped in cute paper and stuck suckers in

The banner I got and printed from

No circus without animal crackers

I picked up this popcorn machine at
a yard sale, brand new only 6.00
I got a steal on it.

I printed these labels from

Love the straws from Hey yos

Birthday girl !

I had our local candy store make this cake. Its made out of rice krispie treats.
I love it itturned out so cute.

Nana, Gage and Mylee

Hadlee enjoy nanas party with a cupcake all to herself

Mylee enjoying with a sucker

Nana and Papa with all the grandkids! LOVE IT..

Monday, September 12, 2011

Haloween and Fall decorations....

I love how all of turned out. I can't decide
wear or which one I want to put up. I am loving the
black/white with the orange...

Kits are available on request...
I got these candy corn last year at Typhan. I am glad I finally found where they belong


No leaves/


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