Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas at our house...

Oh how I love the Christmas time. Heres some pictures of our house at Christmas time. First, Is one of my trees, this tree is in the main living room and my cute little twins are having a hay day with it...

Next is my shelf in my living room. I print the stocking are hung in vinyl and just
replae it every year. I got the stocking and my tree skrirt at Typan a few years back.

My entryway

Shelf above my table in Kitchen

My table

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy trails to you!

Wow it has been crazy busy around here! I havent posted forever...
One of ny best friends moved away and I did a little going away party. The theme was Happy trails, cause they are totally leaving family and friends and starting a new adventure. Im so so sad but she promised to visit!

Our crazy Bunch. I made fake mustaches...arent we cute..

Monday, October 31, 2011

Dresser redo...bed in the works

I have had this dresser and bed since we got married and I needed a change. I decided it was time to refinish them. I got my dresser done and the bed is almost..
Before the redo

Much better. Ispray painted it with white spray paint that had primer in it. Than
I sanded it and stained it. I love it. It looks so good. I am glad that I redid it.

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween fun!

This is my entryway

I got these candles at a discount craft store last year for
1 dollar a piece. They light up and flicker so cute.
Of course my Scentsy warmer.
I made the furry pumpkin his names HARRY.

I bought the pumpkin wreath last year at Roberts and painted it.
The trick or treat I made on just some wood I had in the garage.
The candycorn frame I also made and you can see it HERE

Close up of my cute tree. I got it at Rodworks
last year. I also got the tall monster guy there and
the pumpkin.

This is my favorite!

Picked up the bowl at a garage sale. 1.00. I plan on putting candy in it.
I printed out the Posion on my computer and taped it to it

I printed the bird from here. I had
painted the skeleton a few years back
and he was all broken up so what better place than in a jar full
of bones. I need to get a cute label and stick on it. I printed
 the Book of Spell on my computer
 covered a book with some wrapping
and tada a Book of Spells!

I love love love Halloween! I couldn't wait to put up my decorations...My
table is def my favorite'of all my decorations! I have an orange tablecloth that
I am thinking of putting it on and then this on top? Well see. Here
it is with the tablecloth. I like it bettter.


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